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The UEFA Champions League is a spectacle that captures the imagination of millions of fans from every corner of the world. Welcome to the ultimate stage.


Since becoming an Official Partner of the UEFA Champions League in 2014, Nissan has been creating new ways to connect with fans – online, at the games, and out in the community. Now, with an extension through 2021, we’re poised to do even more. 


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Nissan. From the iconic Nissan GT-R, to the world’s best-selling 100% electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, and partnerships with some of the most exciting sporting events and athletes on the planet. Via the UEFA Champions League, we strive to bring innovation and excitement to everyone.


Our football ambassadors are the ultimate proof of Nissan’s brand promise in football; Hazard, Coutinho and Martens personify what it means to be engineers of excitement and true innovators of the game.


Eden, 28, is a Belgian winger for Spanish club Real Madrid C.F. and the Belgian national team. Creative, fast and technical, he has been described as “astonishing” and “mesmerising” and is considered one of the best players in the world. Eden owns a Nissan GT-R.


Philippe, 27, is a Brazilian attacking midfielder for FC Bayern Munich and the Brazilian national team. Known for his dribbling ability, pace, creativity and agility, he has earned the nickname “Little Magician” from Liverpool fans and teammates.


Lieke, 26, is Dutch and plays for FC Barcelona. With her direct approach, excellent control and outstanding finishing skills, she has won the UEFA Women’s Championship, UEFA Women’s Euro Player of the Tournament, FIFA World Player of the Year and UEFA Women’s Player of the Year.  



Nissan and ICC. This is excitement. This is ICC cricket, and now Nissan will be there to pump up the pace having been confirmed as a proud sponsor and official partner to the ICC and its associated world-famous tournaments, including the ICC T20 and Cricket World Cup.


It’s in the suspense of a coin flipping through the air. It’s in the fast bowling, furious batting, far-flung wickets and the fielders who boldly defy gravity. It’s in the Mexican waves that rip through the crowds of proud flags and painted faces. It’s in the intense rivalry that seemingly rises from the pitch and the fans who match the cries for umpires to deliver justice.